Oren Mendelson

CEO, Pegasus Medical Ltd

Oren brings 15 years’ of international sales and business development experienced within the medical segment, with vast knowledge of the international market as well as up to date technologies. Oren is responsible for all non-North America sales as well as all production and development aspects of Pegasus.


Glenn Tamir

North American channels Director

As a medication & supply storage, dispensing, distribution, and management specialist, Glenn has over 26 years’ experience working  with nursing, pharmacy, materials management, and facilities departments in the US Healthcare Market.


Fabrizio Loschi

Sales & Marketing Director

Fabrizio has a PhD in business economics. During the past 25 years he is engaged with development sales channels in different parts of the globe. Fabrizio brings with him vast knowledge and understanding of the international markets, cultures and technical requirements. Speaks fluent Italian and English as well as Spanish, French and German.


Kyle Seilheimer

National sales manager, North America

Kyle brings 12 years of sales experience in healthcare high-density storage and Kanban inventory management system. He provides expertise in efficient storage solutions and complete Kanban inventory installation.

Pegasus Medical Concepts Incorporated is a worldwide leader in providing successful medical storage solutions for today’s leading Healthcare Organizations.

Our broad product line includes a wide range of medical storage solutions and medical cabinets as well as a variety of transportation, resuscitation and procedure carts.


In order to provide hospitals with the best possible service, we work with professional healthcare distributors in many countries around the globe, as well as local vendors who utilize our product line into their own local cabinetry and trollies.


Pegasus has multiple distribution centers on 4 continents and dealers throughout Europe, Asia, Australia and the Americas.


We typically work with local distributors that are well acquainted with the medical furniture and medical storage solutions market in their home territory.